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Information for players

Information for DMs

The Stolen Land

DM Henry
System Pathfinder
Setting The River Kingdoms, Golarion

Owena (Human (?) Fighter - Delphine) Alhandra (Half-Elf (?) Cleric)
Cuichelm (Elf Wizard (Wood Element Specialist) - Craig) Guthmund (Human Ranger)
Aldwulf (Fetchling Rogue - Bert)
Hinnerk (Half-orc Inquisitor of Iomedae - David) Eadfrid (Human Fighter)
Coenred (Human Cleric of Sarenrae) - Andy

Adventures The Stolen Land
The Fellnight Realm
The Varnhold Vanishing
Party Loot | XP

City of Coin

DM David
System Pathfinder
Setting Iron Spine Mountains and Vindburg, Erthe

Yenkas (Tiefling Sage Sorceror, Bert)
Josephus (Undine Cleric (Evangelist), Craig) Mortlac - (Wayang Warpriest)
Guenièvre - (Half-elf Urban Ranger - Delphine)
Iorek (Dwarf Fighter, Henry) Barros (Human Swashbuckler)
Quarion (Elf Rogue, Andy)

Adventures Prologue
Under Town
Under Forest
High Town
Low Town
Party Loot - Current Level: 10 - Current XP: 105,632 / 155,000

Pathfinder Playtest - Doomsday Dawn

DM David
System Pathfinder 2 Playtest
Setting Golarion

Kelmaer (Elf Ranger - Bert)
Chompsy (Goblin Bard - Craig)
Adalyn (race Rogue - Delphine)
George (Dwarf Wizard - Henry)
char (race class - Andy)

Adventures Doomsday Dawn
Party Loot - Current Level: 1 - Current XP: 0 / ???

Emerald City Knights

GM Andy
System Mutants and Masterminds
Setting Emerald City, Earth

Morrigan (Witch, Bert)
Watercolour (Tattooed water demi-god, Craig)
360 (Emotion controller, Delphine)
Aether - (Pre/post cogniscent, Henry)
Lt.Sterling - (Power Suit, David)

Adventures ??
Current Power Level: 10 | Current Power Points: 151 + 2

Problems in Prazka

DM David
System Pathfinder
Setting Kingdom of Prazka, Erthe
Characters Hildy (Cleric) Trantor (Druid)

Akiak (Ninja) Aeleva (Rogue)
Koro (Brawler) Artur (Wizard) Waltham (Gunslinger)
Miriam (Barbarian) Finduilas (Paladin)
Vaddyn (Bard)

Adventures Fort in the Mist
Party Loot - Current Level: 11 - Current XP: 164,495 / 220,000

Back to Barcanton

DM Craig - Games will generally start at around 7.30 UK time
System Pathfinder
Setting Duchy of Dorduk - Maps here - Dorduk World Info
Characters Mardram (Halfling Oracle of Life Nature, Bert)

Linden (Elf Wizard (androgynous, gender not specified ;-)), David)
Jin Shysh (Half-elf Fighter, Delphine)
Mary Fledgling (Kzinti Ranger, Hannele)
Andrei (Silver-tongued Human Rogue, Henry)

Adventures The Road to Barcanton
Party Loot - Quest Logs - Current Level: 9 - Current XP: 75,400 / 105,000

The Northern Shore

DM David
System 4e
Setting The north shore of the Great River, Erthe
Characters Altraminus
Kava Firghilion
Adventures Copper and Crystal
Shadows and Steel
Opals and Scales
Party Loot

On the Great River II

DM David
System 4e
Setting Great River, Erthe
Characters Barnabas
Elora Dunaddukr
Helena Marchand
Adventures The Silver Cup
The Black Vial
Party LootQuest Logs

On the Great River

DM David
System 3.5e
Setting Erthe
Characters Fenton Dis
Murle Bunkrick
Julia Libra
Ennil Galondorel
Adventures Gray Fog and Black Sails
Party Loot Quest LogsCharacter discussions

In the Northern Kingdom

DM David
System 3.5e
Setting Erthe
Characters Adrin Reslan
Oona Salteper
Aliatra Gellantara
Adventures Northwatch Chronicles
The Dark Trade
The Carnelian Isles
Sewer Science
Cavern City
Tricky Teleportation Tales
Shadow and Flame
The Gray Towers
Party LootQuest LogsTeleport Locations

Barcanton Chronicles

DM Craig
System 3.5e
Setting Duchy of Dorduk - Maps here - Dorduk World Info

Aspen (Human Druid, David)
Farkenella (Elf? Rogue, Delphine)
Finduilas (Half-Elf? Paladin , Hannele)
Enelia (Halfling? Sorceror?, Celestienne)
Berrawyn (? Ranger?, Bert)
Laucian (? Wizard?, Darren)



DM David
System 3e + 3.5e
Setting Erthe
Characters Belros - Elf Wizard; Nerin - Dwarf Fighter
Savaric de la Treningham - Human Paladin of Freedom; Huerney White-Eye - Human Bard
Ayhlanne Selveneye - Half-elf Ranger
Eiltranna - Rogue/Cleric; Elvebriniel - Monk; Hollyella - Wizard/Rogue
Darvin - Human bell-end
Myfanwy - Druid
Huerney's bag of holdingMaps