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Vindburg is the capital city of the realm of Sondved, located on plateau, bordered to the south by the Great Cliff and high mountains to the east. The river Vind flows south through the city.

It is a wealthy city made rich from the Royal Silver Mines and trade along the Vind River between the Northern Kingdoms and to the south, the fortress city of Koubla and the great city of Moyamba. Gems, and rare metals move south from the Northern Kingdoms. Spices and exotic woods are transported north from the jungles around Moyamba.

Vindberg is joinly ruled by Sondved's king and queen, advised by 12 councillors. The councilors are nobles appointed by the king and queen, guild leaders, and two members elected by the city population. City security is provided by the Watch; the Sondved army is forbidden from acting or garrisoning within the city.

The city is divided into two principal districts: High Town, where the wealthy nobles and merchants live, and Low Town, centered around the riverside docks and wharfs.

City Council

  • Lord Julius Daranth -- Watch commander
  • Becca Golrianna -- Head of the Guild of Silver Smiths
  • Valerie Charlson -- Head of the Guild of Financiers
  • Alodia Roza -- Head of the Guild of Merchants
  • Heldegard Aveza -- Priestess of Thunor
  • Helgi Burkhard -- University Chancellor
  • Lord Zoltan Arbury -- Aristocrat
  • Radobad Arminius -- Aristocrat
  • Prisca Septimon -- Aristocrat
  • Karl Wilburn -- Elected Member
  • Jannit Petrus -- Elected Member
  • (empty seat)

Notable Persons

King Elias
Queen Kara
Joint rulers of Sondved.
Lord Julius Daranth
Council member. Overall commander of the Watch.
Becca Golrianna
Council member. Leader of the Guild of Silversmiths.
Wendal Charlson
Council member. Leader of the Guild of Financiers. Chair of the First City Bank.
Captain Alain Hughmont
Commander of the day watch.
Captain Deborah Fylain
Commander of the night watch.
Alias for the leader of the Black Feathers gang.
Alias for the leader of the Red Hand gang.
The "King Rat"
A local myth; a figure used by parents to frighten their children.
Vaska Gavrill
Researcher into the magic of the undead (necromancy).

Notable Locations

The Castle
Home of the king and queen and their family. Fortress and seat of the Council.
University of Vindburg
Ancient institue of learning and research with a focus on economics and history.
The Great Oak
A massive oak tree in the center of the market square. A shaded meeting spot and notice board.
First City Bank
A successful bank and secure depository.
Silver Arrow Inn
A mid-range tavern and inn, located near the market square.

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