City of Coin/Prologue

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The party meet the the Royal Silver Mines before travelling to Vindburg, the City of Coin.

Day 1

Barros arrives by barge from the north (upstream) at the mines, accused of cheating at cards and unwelcome he disembarks.

Yenkas looking for passage south, to follow clues to what happened to his sister, arrives at the mines.

Mortlac following the trail of a theft of an heirloom necklace, arrives at the village, where the trail goes cold.

The next barge to the south is due in two days time.

There's a commotion at the mine entance. There's been a collapse and the miners work to free their colleagues. The party offers to assist but the foreman declines until it is known that the collapse was caused by some creatures gnawing at the pit props. The party ventures inside were they find and kill a small nest of dire rats.

That night, the party of woken by the sounds of an attack on the two members of the watch. Two thieves are trying to escape with a stolen sack of silver. The thieves are arrested, but not before their leaky getaway boat is overwhelmed and sunk. One of the watch is badly wounded but she does recover after aid from Mortlac. The stolen necklace is recovered from one of the thieves.

Day 2

The party return the stolen necklace to the elder or a nearby village for a small reward.

Day 3

The party boards a barge heading south to Vindburg, with the two prisoners and a report for the watch captain.

Day 4

The party arrives in Vindburg were they hand the report and the prisoners to Captain Alain Hughmont in exchange for a reward. The captain offers a job and tells the party to return in the morning for a briefing.

The party retires for the night at the Silver Arrow Inn.

The adventure continues in Under Town.