City of Coin/Under Forest

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Day 10 - 16

The party prepares for the expedition, purchasing supplies and crafting magical equipment.

Day 17

The expedition begins.

The party drops by Mickey and (of course) gain access through Under Town.

They also visit the King Rat were they negotiate a rate of 100 gp per head of any monster that may be a threat to the King Rat domain or people, and he agrees to visit from a a research team from the university.

Esmer and co travel deeper underground reaching a vast underground chamber lit from above by phosporescent fungus. Lush greenery, ferns and cycades carpet the cavern floor. Water drips constantly from the ceiling like rain.

A faint path, with the occasional cut paving slabs is found and the party ventures into the subterranean jungle. They are ambushed by two lion-like felines which are soon slain, even though they tried to flee. Esmer spends some time making notes on a ruined building.

A bit further on the path continues into a tunnel. An amphisbaena incubating a clutch of eggs blocks the way. The two-headed snake creature is driven off by a a deluge of water and the illusion of falling rocks.

The next cavern is split in two by a fast flowing river 50 ft wide that used to be spanned by a stone bridge. All that remains of the bridge is the three stone piers. Barros double-jumps across the gap, pulling a rope behind which the rest of the party uses to get across safely.

Two megatherium are spotted browsing on cycades and are passed on by. Giant leeches are spotted and defeated in the swampier part of the cavern.

The path ends in a 60 ft deep, 5ft square shaft. Broken machinery can be seen at the bottom.

The party camps for the night.

Day 18

The party climbs clumsily down the path, with falls causing some injuries. e The shaft leads to a ancient crumbling castle courtyard. The floor collapses while Esmer is walking across it. She lands on a patch of black fungus and she is poisoned by their spores, breathing the words "Find library" before drifting into unconciousness..

The library tower is located and much time is spent searching the library for any information on the fungus that poisoned Esmer. A book describes the infliction as a curse that can be lifted with a concoction using the bile of an undead creature.

The crypts are searched but the sarcophaguses only have old bones and a bastard sword +1, bane of abberations.

The dungeons are searched next. Locked in a cell is a morgh, it is attacked but proves too strong and the party retreats to formulate a new plan.

The undead is lured to the castle courtyard where it slips into the mushroom pit with the aid of a grease spell. Torn between hungry for living flesh and fear of the black mushrooms it is safely dispatched from above. Barros is then lowered down to recover the bile and the cure for Esmer is made.

Day 19

After resting in the library, the party cautiously enters the main hall. It's a trap and animated candelabras and a crazed wererat wizard attacks.

With the castle secure, Esmer focuses on her research.

Day 19-23

The research continues.

Day 24

The expedition returns via a newly discovered stairway to the start of the second cavern. The amphisbena is slain and 3 more eggs recovers.

The expedition has been a huge success and the party garners much respect from the university.

The adventure continues in High Town.