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Erthe (from the Middle English for Earth) is a D&D campaign setting similar to the standard setting presented in the core rulebooks. Key differences include:

  • No divines
  • No souls
  • The source of magic
  • Slightly altered cosmology


Erthe forms the Material Plane in the centre and is coexistant and coterminous with the Ethereal Plane and Plane of Shadows. The Inner Planes surround the Material Plane and are: The Elemental Planes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Postive Energy Plane, and the Negative Energy Plane. Above are the various Upper Planes of Light, the home of all the celestial beings. Below are the Lower Planes of Darkness where the devils and demons reside. The Astral Plane fills the void between each of the other planes.


The deities that a culture may worship do not exist in any real sense. They could be entirely fictional constructs, perhaps personifying natural phenomena. Or the religion could be based around a particularly powerful being from one of the Lower or Upper planes. These beings occasionaly choose to involve themselves in the affairs of mortals -- hindering or aiding as they see fit.

Life and Death

Conciousness begins with birth and ends at death. Beings do not possess a soul -- death is final and there is no way to either bring back the dead nor communicate with them.


Ghosts are the memories or echos of a being which linger on either the Plane of Shadows (for malicious, revenge-seeking or hateful ghosts) or the Ethereal Plane (for ghosts seeking to aid -- more commonly referred to as guardian angels).


The three types of magic (Arcane, Clerical, and Druidic) are losely classed based on the princple source of the power.

Arcane magic users use various methods to draw power from the Astral Plane. Wizards study in detail mental techniques to identify and harness the numerous locations where magic bleeds out of the Astral Plane; various words and gestures aid in the mental concentration required. Sorcerers are born with or aquire a personal connection to the astral plane allowing them to draw power with little detailed study.

Clerical (divine) magic users draw their power from the six Inner Planes. Prayers and use of symbols are focuses which allow the magic user to open a conduit to the inner planes drawing forth the power required. A divine magic spells would typically require power to be drawn from several planes at once. For example, a healing spell such as cure light woulds takes most of it's power from the Positive Energy Plane and mixes in some power from the Elemental Plane of Earth (to knit bones) and the Elemental Plane of Water (to restore lost fluids).

Druidic magic users draw power from the Etheral Plane and Plane of Shadows. Living things (plant and animal) strengthen the connection between the Material Plane and the Ethereal and Shadow planes hence the nature focus of druidic magic.

Colors of Magic

Each school of magic has a particular color associated with it.

School Color
Abjuration Blue
Conjuration Yellow
Divination White
Enchantment Orange
Evocation Red
Illusion Violet
Necromancy Black or very dark purple
Transmutation Green