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Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger




Waltham speaks Common.


Waltham's father was an alchemist of some genius. Unfortunately, that genius did not extend to safety precautions in his work, and the explosion that killed him was heard several streets away. In the debris of his father's lab, the young Waltham found some notes labeled "Top Secret". For an inquisitive young man, that was an instruction to pursue the work, not to abandon it, and thus Waltham began his project: completing his father's research.

The explosive compound, when carefully contained (and how many experiments did that take?), propels a small piece of metal very fast indeed. It is not as quiet as a crossbow, nor as easy to load as a bow, but with practice Waltham's skill has been increasing. Unfortunately, so has his fame - and there are those who would use new weapons for nefarious purposes...


Laconic and slow to anger, Waltham greets most situations with a shrug or a grin. He rarely stands, if he can help it, preferring to lean on a convenient wall.


Trait: Reactionary (+2 Initiative) Trait: World Traveller (+1 on Sense Motive, class skill)


Waltham currently posesses: Guns and ammo.


Waltham survived many perils, only to be melted in a single, terrible moment by a black dragon.