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Sex: Female
Race: Human
Class: Rogue


Aeleva is a human rogue, normal size, normal build, brown eyes, brown hair, pretty common face. The only thing about her that might strike after more careful examination is the way she moves. Stealthy, supple, quick, with little noise, not very noticeable.


She's a daughter of the city, she was born there, raised there. The city gave and took everything she ever won or lost. She knows her way around the city well, she knows the history, the people.

She carries a rapier at her belt and occasionally a short sword. She does not really look like the adventurer type much, more like a common woman in a common urban setting.

Before this adventure begins, she was part of a Thieves guild. She left the guild after her best friend got killed in a mission. Not angry, but too sad to stay in the settings she had roamed with that friend. She decided to try her luck elsewhere, to see if she could overcome that loss in drawning herself in adventure. She still has good contacts in the guild, her peers were sorry to see her go.