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Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Druid




Trantor speaks Common and Druidic.


Having spent his childhood wandering in the local forests, being taught by the druids, Trantor's parents thought to give him a more formal trade and apprenticed him to the local undertaker. There he learned the art of preparing the bodies of the dead, but longed to be back in the wild.

One night Trantor observed the undertaker and some others, including important local dignitaries, performing dark ceremonies on a corpse and made a startled noise. He fled, pursued by the necromancers, into the heart of the forest. There, he was harboured by the Druids and learned his new profession, but was always aware that those in power in his home town were still looking for him.

Recently, the grand druid has died and the community disbanded to form several new enclaves. Trantor has left the security of the grove and entered the wider world again and though now some distance from home, he is still fearful that the knowledge he holds may put his life in danger.




Anatomist - Previously apprenticed to an undertaker - +1 to rolls to confirm a critical.

Outlander: Exile - Being sought... Alert to threats - +2 to initiative


Trantor currently posesses: