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Artur Brazowy
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Wizard


The first obvious thing about Artur is... well, it's one of two things. If you approach him from the left, it's that he's very thin for his height. Approach him from the right, and you see his scarred face: a mass of burns, extending down below his collar. You can't tell how far the scarring goes, but at the very least his hair on that side has never grown back.



Artur is very open about his history. The unfortunate thing is that he never tells the story the same way twice...

Some common elements are that he studied his wizardry far away, and was trying hard to learn a more orthodox style (start off with Haste, then pin down as many enemies as possible, or divide them up, or...), when the Incident happened. The Incident left Artur with his scars, and his affinity for fire, and maybe a little extra.


Despite his scarring, Artur is mild-mannered and easy-going. He's soft-spoken, though occasionally he can be seen striking a flame and just staring into it. In combat he's somewhat unpredictable, but fiercely loyal.


Trait: Reactionary (+2 Initiative) Trait: Magical Lineage (metamagic feats require 1 less level increase for a selected spell).