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Life in Dorduk

The world is dangerous but full of opportunity for those who are prepared. Adventurers would do well to ensure that they can meet the challenge or face the consequences.

Deities in Dorduk

Waukeen is the primary deity in the region as the duchy's wealth is based in agriculture and trade.

DM note - Feel free to add domains if you wish to expand one of the below, or just make one up.

Makash (LE, death) - Domains: Death, Evil, Law, Defense...
Pelor (LG, sun) - Domains: Good, Law, Sun, ...
Oghma (LN, knowledge) - Domains: Knowledge, Law, ...
Sylvanus (CG, nature) - Domains: Chaos, Good, Plant,
Talos (CE, catastrophe/storms)) - Domains: Chaos, Evil, Storms, Destruction, ...
Valkur (NG, water) - Domains: Good, Water, Exploration, ...
Waukeen (TN, market) - Domains: Travel, Seasons, ...

People in Dorduk


Zachary - The Apothecary - A mage and potion maker
Belias - Zach's apprentice - low level mage

Harald Beech - The village Alderman
Gadric Beech - The village Reeve, son of Harald

Cerndrik - The head priest of Waukeen
Gresham - a paladin, protector of Caerndrik

Jenson Pulley - The inkeeper
Fanny - The barwench

Northwood Druid Circle

Cedarleaf Northwood - chief druid - an elf
Jiet Ki - chief ranger - human of eastern origin
Samuel Jovakssen - Master craftsman
Gard Holuf - Northwood ranger


Joshua Beech - The village Alderman

Brutan - The head priest of Oghma
Keda - The head priest of Pelor
Mantor - The head priest of Waukeen
Vialos - The head priest of Talos

Garramond- A Wizard - A mage and potion maker
Dran - Assistant to Garramond
Agimus Puggs - Inkeeper, The Bawdy Elf
Salmar Kingsman - The blacksmith
Josiah - The farrier and stableman
Bander - General store owner
Leorn - Guard captain

Jeffers - A local "businessman"


The Duke - Leopold - Lord of the city and surrrounding lands (possibly dead, TBC)
Helmut Beech - The city mayor - representative of the common people
Sir Haledan de Gresham - Paladin of Pelor - champion of good
Darman - Druid and priest of Valkur - pesent in the Valkur gardens between midday and 2pm.
More folks in the logs presumably