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The Northwatch Chronicles occur in the Northern Marches on the northern fringe of one of the coastal kingdoms on the princple continent of Erthe.


The Northern Marches is a flat plain of open grasslands dotted with small lakes and criss-crossed by small rivers and streams. To the north the region climbs into wild and inhospitable hills and pine forests. To the east are the foothills of a near impassable mountain range and to the west the uncharted vastness of the western ocean. The south of the region slopes down to the Gray Marsh.


In ages long forgotten the region was settled by as unknown people who built a series of impressive structures, including the Gray Marsh causeway, the town and castle of what is now Northwatch and a string of border forts. What caused these people to abandon their fortifications and the region is not recorded.

Around 50 years ago, the king granted the region to a favoured lord (who became the Baron of Northwatch). The newly invested Baron pushed back the goblinoid and orcish tribes to the north and repaired and castle and town of Northwatch. The region is now gradually attracting settlers and farmers willing to risk the occasional raid for the benefits to be gained from the rich farmlands.


The principle town in the region is Northwatch on the northern border. A harsh, border fort town used to frequent raids from the goblinoid and orcish tribes of the northern hills. Situated on the ocean the fortified town encircles a small, deep harbour.