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Sex: Male
Race: Grey Elf
Class: Wizard


Araydan is a Grey, or 'noble' elf and hence stands as tall as most humans. He has long silver hair, tied in a top knotted pony tail and has the perceptive soft amber eyes of his people.
He is a wizard and has specialised in the conjuration school of magic. In keeping with the tradition of his order, his clothing when dressed in robes is predominantly yellow, however due to the practicalities of adventuring, he generally wears sturdy clothing.


Araydan is fluent in the following languages: Common; Elven; Draconic; Gnoll; Goblin; Orc; Sylvan


The name Araydan contains both the family name Aray, and the personal name Dan. In conversation he prefers the name Dan.
Dan has been sent into the world from his mountain valley home in the Eyrie realm by his father. He is hoping to hone his magic skills so that some day he can return there in honour.


Dan can seem aloof and often misunderstands other peoples, this is due to his lack of exposure to other cultures rather than an innate dislike or contempt and his underlying warmth and pleasure for learning occasionally show through his stern exterior. Since wandering in human lands, Dan has begun to understand more of the concepts that were at first so alien to him, and there are now fewer misunderstandings.
Dan is generous with his spare time and prefers to use it to the benefit of those with whom he adventures.


While Dan is not forthcoming on the reasons why his father sent him away, when offguard he can sometimes be seen to look fondly at a locket which he wears around his neck, and occasionally to whisper while holding it.

Dan is a talented amateur painter and likes to wind down by sketching images of his experiences onto the spare areas of his spellbook for later completion in oils or watercolour.


Dan currently posesses:

  • Amulet of natural armour +2 (bought)
  • Blessed Book (bought)
  • Bracers of Dex +2 (bought)
  • Cloak of Resistance +2 (bought)
  • Composite longbow +1 (bought)
  • Gloves of Dexterity +2 (bought)
  • Handy Haversack (taken from party loot)
  • Ioun Stone - Dusty Rose (bought)
  • Longbow +1 (taken from party loot)
  • Longsword +1 (taken from party loot)
  • Pearl of Power I (from Wizard guild)
  • Ring of Energy Protection (Electricity 10/-; taken from party loot)
  • Ring of force shield and protection +2 (bought)
  • Robe of fire resistance 10/- (taken from party loot)
  • Stone of invisibility (party loot)
  • Stone of summon monster I (party loot)