Eollia Ash'nys Shadowhand

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Eollia Ash'nys Shadowhand
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Class: Druid


Lia is a slim woman, not very tall, wearing a very simple hood and light leather clothes.


Eollia Ash'nys Shadowhand was born Eollia Millner in the city of Sarkasmand, a relatively important city in the land of Selthins. Her father, Adoaver Milner, was a trader in pelts, and early on she followed him around in the woods where he befriended rangers he worked with in his business.

At his side and at the contact of the rangers, Eollia learned much about the woods. She soon went on her own, discovering for herself the wonders of nature and learning its laws. In her many stays in the woodlands, she was approached by various forest dwellers, among which elves, who had spent time observing her and how she was learning about nature.

Carthana Silentread, one of those elves, was a powerful druid, who took a fancy to Eollia and started introducing her to the balance and powers present in nature. Eollia slowly grew detached from her parents and the city, and ended up joining the grove, where Carthana became her teacher.

Eollia proved not only an excellent student, but one with the conviction needed to revere nature and be in her turn initiated to the secrets of the druidic world. Carthana Silentread was the leading druid of the Greensleeves Grove and one of the most renowned druids across and beyond the borders of her land. She kept teaching Eollia until her dying breath. When Carthana passed away, Frutiln Serpenthelm, who was second in command by age and talent, took over the grove. However, having watched the growing powers of Eollia, he went scared of her, and started to push her away from the grove.

Eollia, whose goal in life was to ever learn about nature and its secrets, felt she was not going to get out of Frutlin any teachings beyond those of Carthana, and decided to leave the grove.

She went back to her parents to say her goodbyes, took her pack and left, in search of adventure and an ever deepening of her knowledge.


When initiated into the druidic world, Carthana gave Eollia the name she now wears, Ash’nys as elven for enduring and Shadowhand for the lightness of her hand upon the nature things she touched. She, however, goes by the name of Lia.


Eollia is not attracted to any religion, although she does have a profound respect for those who revere the nature gods. Her understanding of the world and of nature is that there is no ultimate power, but ultimate balance. Where there is life, there is death, where there is evil, there is good. The strongest wins over the weakest and the weakest serves as food for the predator, which in turn will die and serve as food for the weakest. Nature is an infinite circle, where man has no more power or weaknesses than the bear or the ant, where man must find his place along the balance of the world.


Her study of nature has lead her to be trained in the trade of herbalist with which she earns a gold piece or two when she puts her hand to it.