Sewer Science

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The Party


Dead bodies of abnormally large animals with humanoid characteristics have been recently found floating in the river in Sothven. The College of the Arcane (the university of wizards) has been tasked by the city to investigate these creatures. However, the college is busy preparing a large expedition and is insufficiently resourcing the investigation.

Ignace, a young research wizard of the School of Transmutation, has requested: "a live specimen or a sample of the chemicals used, or even better: locate the laboratory where these fascinating creations are spawned."

The creatures

The creatures resemble abnormally large animals (such as a rat that's 3 or 4 feet long) with certain humanoid characteristics. In particular, their front paws are humanoid in form with opposable thumbs. The fur is patchy and is typically stained or dyed with various alchemical substances to a splotchy assortment of deep colours (greens, yellows, blues etc.).

The sewers

The old sewers beneath Sothven where made hundreds of years ago. The principle sewers are some 6 ft in diameter and lined with brick. Since Sothven is an ancient city that stands on the remains and ruins of builds from previous centuries and millennia the sewers pass through old cellars and catacombs and (it is rumoured) even darker places. The sewers are haphazard and make surprising turns but the main tunnels slope down, roughly perpendicular to the river. In recent years the sewers have seen little maintenance and are reportedly inhabited by all manner of dark and damp loving creatures.