Savaric de la Treningham

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Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Paladin of Freedom

A new breed of holy warrior.

Unconcerned with the law, rather Savaric sees his calling to defend regular folk from tyranny in any of its guises and from other agents of evil. He is devoted to the god Kord and intent on using his god-given strength in his duties.

Savaric has a tendency to be rather rash in his decision making when he believes that others are in danger and he will often take, or threaten to take, direct action when obstacles are placed between himself and what he sees as his duties. Despite this rashness, in these circumstances he chooses non-lethal options whenever possible.

Savaric has invested much time in the creation and expert use of his bastard sword. Having used his own skills and gifts to enchant the blade, he worked in conjunction with clerics of Kord to imbue it with holy power.


Savaric's celestial mount is a large intelligent warhorse, affectionately known as Patsy. Savaric shares an empathic link with Patsy to within a distance of one mile. Patsy is able to command creatures of a similar kind to herself five times per day as per the Command spell.


Savaric was pounded into a meaty paste by a stone golem after immediately after Belros misfired and detonated an empowered fireball on his back.