Gray Fog and Black Sails

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The island of Yuzne in the far eastern end of the Great River is about twenty kilometres long and five kilometers wide, It's dominated by the large peak of a dormant volcano, the heavily forested slopes mean there's little flat land suitable for cultivation. On the western end of of the island is Kodyma, a medium sized town, home to a sizable fishing fleet. On the eastern end is a small village supporting a valuable, if small, silver mine.

Kerch, the mining village is small, only some twenty households, a blacksmith, the Bronze Bell tavern, the modest manor house of the knight, Lady Liliya Yakiv and her husband, Fedir. On a rocky promontory, overlooking the small harbour is the old lighthouse inhabited by the minor wizard Mykola Nazar.

On the edge of the village is a small shrine containing a single feather that is claimed to have fallen from the wing of an angel.

The 3.5e adventure started on a cool and foggy May morning in the village of Kerch. After some adventures there, tha party travelled to Kodyma where they died pretty much straight away.

the 4e adventure began with a forced landing on Yuzne and a walk to Kodyma along a seldom-trod old track.

Quest Logs (4e)

Quest Logs (3.5e)