Fenton Dis

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Fenton Dis
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Cleric


Fenton Dis is a human cleric of Tyr with knowledge of the Travel and War domains. He is a heavily armoured warpriest who wields both bastard sword and divine magic to some effect.
Fenton has brown hair and eyes, is heavily built and of above average height for a human. His looks are fairly unremarkable.


Fenton speaks Common.


Fenton was dedicated to the service of Tyr at the age of 5 and was trained initially as an acolyte. On coming of age he passed the difficult trials that allowed him to train in the most prestigious order of Tyr, that of the itinerant Warpriests.
As a warpriest of Tyr, Fenton inherits a duty to protect others from evil forces while travelling throughout the lands. To a lesser extent, he also tries to uphold the law and protect the innocent from tyranny and injustice.


Fenton is quick to laugh, though incredibly earnest in his duties. He gets on well with most other people, but he will not tolerate cruelty.
If justice is to be served, then in Tyr's name it should be well reasoned, but ultimately swift.


Though his youth was spent cloistered in the temple of Tyr, this was not a solitary existence. Fenton socialised with other children both in and out of the temple. He saw much of the local area when in training to reach his current priest status and learned a lot about social interaction with humans, though he has only limited experience with non-humans.


Fenton currently posesses:


  Holy Symbol (Wooden)                          1
  Morningstar                                   1
  Outfit (Explorer's)                           1
  Scale Mail                                    1
  Shield (Heavy/Wood)                           1
  Sling                                         1
  Sword (Bastard)                               1


  Bedroll                                       1
  Rope (Silk/50 Ft.)                            1
  Rations (Trail/Per Day)                       7
  Blanket (Winter)                              1
  Flint and Steel                               1
  Lantern (Bullseye)                            1
  Oil (1 Pt. Flask)                             1
  Vestments (Cleric's)                          1
  Waterskin (Filled)                            1
  Tent                                          1
  Sack                                          1

Pouch (Belt)

  Bullets (Sling/50)                            1