Ennil Galondorel

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Ennil Galondorel
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Battle Sorcerer


  • Age: 119
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Dominant hand: Left
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: 134 lbs
  • Eye color: Gold
  • Skin color: Fair
  • Hair: black
  • Phobias: none
  • Personality traits: Flips a coin, Tattoo on the palm of her left hand
  • Interests: Architecture
  • Spoken style: Husky Voice, As good as it gets.

Ennil is 5ft2, quite tall for an elf. She is not as slim as the people of her race, but very muscular, of a rather bulky stature. She has fair skin and golden eyes and her face is framed by long jet-black hair which reaches low in her back and which she ties in a ponytail or a loose bun. She wears mostly dark clothes

On the palm of her left hand, she wears a complex tatoo, representing a compass rose that reads the elvish words: vee' quel vee' ta natule.

Ennil has a husky voice, almost a man's, which somehow disappears when she sings in elvish. She is constantly flipping a coin and humming.


Ennil Galondorel was born in the Higher Wilds, 119 years ago. The elf community in which she was born was a rather quiet and peaceful community, which lived in peace with all its neighbours, whatever their race. Ennil's mother was a ranger, while her father was a wizard. Both liked to travel, and early on took Ennil with them. While her mother was closer to nature, her father was keen on visiting cities and particularly old libraries.

Ennil enjoyed going with her father to the city and while he would study old dusty books, she would roam the city's streets, admiring buildings and architecture. She spent her childhood learning as much as she could about how houses were built, whether in the cities or in the woods, where her fellow elves dwelt.

While her parents were more of the quiet kind, Ennil was always restless, and she liked to engage in activities that would strain her body and mind. She soon developped quite an athletic figure and trained with her peers to use a sword, weapon at which she became more proficient with time. When she turned 67, Ennil began to feel a power inside her, a power she could not fathom and could neither restrain nor control. As the power developped, it became clear that the magix which was in her was a magic neither of her parents had ever dealt with before and for numerous years Ennil felt somewhat castaway in the elf community, as noone understood her. It is only at the age of 115 that she met, while roaming the nearby city of XXX, a man who could explain to her what she was experiencing. Samilth was a human sorcerer who had gone through the difficult times of not mastering his power and who could feel Ennil unease when it came to hers. Ennil left her elf community to follow Samilth through the land and while under his care, she began to understand better and even master her powers, which developped into strong allies to her adventures.

Her first two years with Samilth were probably the best of her years, as she suddenly found a way to be herself and develop in a way that made sense to her inner being.

  • Samlith turns evil
  • She cannot kill him because too much history.
  • But he leads a raid against her elf community and disappears.
  • Ennil usually does not tell that she's a sorcerer. Her abilities in combat allow her to keep her magic abilities hidden for a while and use

them as a means of surprising the ennemy.

  • Ennil is lawful neutral. Her experience with Samilth turning evil has deeply shaken her values