Elena Blacktail

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Elena Blacktaul
Sex: Female
Race: Centaur
Class: Druid

Even in her earliest childhood it was apparent that Elena had a great love for Ehlonna, the goddess of the forests. Her greatest wish therefore was to serve the goddess and to protect her woodlands, while defending the helpless.

Her parents, realising this, talked this over with the Sylvan elves that shared their woods. The elves agreed to educate Elena in the service of Ehlonna.

Therefore Elena spent years with the elves who taught her how to serve Ehlonna best, while she also honed her fighting skills. She turned into a devoted bashing, slashing, thrashing fighting machine, but good, of course.

After her education Elena was active in helping to protect the woodlands and their inhabitants. In fact, this centaurs and elves were so successful that all threats seem to have gone and work is scarce. That is the reason the younger have been sent out to make the world a better place to live in.

So now Elena is travelling around, determined to meet the criteria set for her and to not disappoint her elders. To serve Ehlonna, to do good, to help others where she can and to eradicate evil wherever she finds it. She understand that she is a woman alone and that she needs others, people with the same goal, although she realises their motives may differ from her own. Finding others and fitting in may be hard though, since she’s not really at ease with races other than elves and centaurs.