Copper and Crystal

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The adventure begins in late spring, in the town of Krupka, here on the north eastern coast of the Great River. The party is in search of adventure and hear that an intriguing notice has been posted in the market square.

The note is written on quality paper in a fine hand and reads:

WANTED: Stout band of adventurers to investigate goblin raids in surrounding farmlands, locate goblin hideout, retrieve items of interest and value.
Pay: Good Danger: Low

Filica thinks the M could mean either Miranda (an enigmatic local wizard) or Rulden Murry (a member of the town council and jeweler). They party heads to Murry's shop where they find him writing a "wanted" notice of his own. He wants the goblin raids stopped. There are also rumours that the some of the goblins are carrying unusual crystals and he would like to obtain some. The party agree and head out of town along the north road towards Smythe's where the latest raids have been reported.

Along the way the party learn that the Huws's farm has just been raided not more than 5 minutes ago. The party set of and soon catch up with the goblins (who are carrying heavy sacks of stolen goods and moving slowly).

Goblin Raiders (Normal; tp 10)
1x Goblin Skullcleaver 150 XP
3x Goblin Warrior 3x100 XP
2x Goblin Minion 2x25 XP
Total (each) 100 XP
  • 30 gp from the goblin corpses
  • 100 sp reward for returning the kitchenware

The stolen goods turn out to be pans, bowls and other kitchen utensils all made from copper. The party return the goods to a grateful Huws and a modest reward.

The party continue on to Smythe's farm. Along they way they encounter a crazy man with two dire rat pets gnawing on a goblin corpse. The man, fearing the adventurer's to be thieves, attacks.

Crazy Man (Normal; tp 7)
1x Human Bandit 125 XP
2x Dire Rat 2x100 XP
Total (each) 65 XP
  • 20 gp from the goblin corpse
  • A large chunk of clear crystal (worth 100 gp)

Continuing along the road, the party soon reaches the Smythe farm. Ms Smythe, who is mending some farm tools at the forge, says she has no information on where the goblins came from as both she and her brother were tending the sheep when the raid occurred. During the raid the goblins smashed the old still and stole the large copper vessel.

Everyone applies their skills to tracking down the goblins.

Tracking the Raiders (Skill challenge)
Complexity 2, DC 15 200 XP
Total (each) 40 XP

Unfortunately, the goblins laid a false trail and the party reaches a old, ruined chapel on top of a hill instead of a goblin lair. The chapel is haunted by zombies, skeletons and other undead creatures. On the small altar within the chapel is a crystal on a corroded copper stand; the crystal glows faintly with a deep purple light.

The party resolves the slay the undead and kick in the rotten chapel door.

Haunted Chapel (Normal; tp 3,5)
2x Zombie 2x125 XP
1x Deathlock Wight 175 XP
2x Decrepit Skeletons 2x50 XP
Total (each) 105 XP
  • Symbol of Hope +1
  • Weak purple crystal (worth 200 gp)

Mordecai investigates the crystal but only determines that it has a faint necromantic aura. Further investigation would require a magical laboratory and library.

From the chapel hill the party can see the ruined watch tower which looks like a likely spot for a goblin camp.

The adventurers reach the ruined tower an hour before dawn and with the setting sun behind them they attack and defeat the goblins after a close battle.

Goblins at the Ruined Tower (Hard; tp 6,8)
1x Fire Beetle 100 XP
4x Goblin Warrior 4x100 XP
1x Goblin Hexer 150 XP
Total (each) 130 XP
  • Dim red crystal (worth 200 gp)
  • 5 small copper ingots (worth 100 gp)
  • Crude map showing a possible cave

The goblins had constructed a makeshift smelter in the tower and were using it melt down all their stolen copper items into ingots. The crude map found on the goblin spellcaster showed the location of all the farms in the local area and would might be a cave. The farms that have been raided have crosses scribbled next to them in charcoal.

After resting overnight in the tower, the party heads for the cave.

Along the way, while crossing a broad, lush valley dotted with bushes, the party is ambushed.

Ankheg Ambush (Normal)
1x Ankheg 300 XP
2x Bloodthorn Vine 4x125 XP
Total (each) 110 XP

Filica thinks the Ankheg shell might be valuable so the party attempt to remove it without damaging it further.

Dissecting the Ankheg (Skill challenge; tp 4)
Complexity 2, DC 15 200 XP
Total (each) 40 XP
  • Ankheg shell (enough for a shield of resist 5? acid)

The party continue onto the cave which is protected by a crystal alarm hanging from a copper wire leading into the cave. There a many goblin tracks on the path towards the cave. As Altraminus approaches the cave the alarm is triggered but he swiftly disarms it before it can alert anyone.

The party follow the copper wire into the cave. The passageway is blocked by a locked set of wooden double door which Altraminus unlocks. Beyond is a larger chamber occupied by a group of arguing goblins. The party attacks and surprises them.

Arguing Goblin Guards (Normal)
2x Goblin Skullcleaver 2x150 XP
1x Goblin Warrior 100 XP
1x Goblin Blackblade 100 XP
Total (each) 100 XP

The chamber has two other exits, a wider passage on the left down which the copper wire continues and a narrower one to the right. The party follow the wire.

The passageway reaches another chamber, divided by a chasm 30-40 ft wide and about 30 ft deep. A fast flowing underground river flows through the chasm. The chasm may be crossed by a wooden drawbridge, operated from the other side. The drawbridge is closed. There is a bronze bell on a wooden pole on this side of the chasm. On the other side, the passageway continues and there is another smaller blocked up passageway on the left.

The party carry a goblin corpse from the other room and place it by the bell and hide out of sight. Filica rings the bell and hides as Thormin (a dwarf carrying a crossbow) and 4 goblins enter the chamber. The dwarf orders two of the goblins to lower the drawbridge and two to recover the body.

The party attack, killing the goblins operating the drawbridge and reaching the other side.

Goblin Guards (Normal)
1x Dwarf Bolter 175 XP
2x Goblin Warrior 2x100 XP
2x Goblin Cutter 2x25 XP
Terrain bonus 200 XP
Total (each) 125 XP

The dwarf flees and one of the goblin surrenders. The party questions the goblin (100 XP each). She's not very bright but she provides the following information.

  • The next door is locked with Thormin holding the key.
  • The password is "Grrathank". A word which is very difficult for non-goblins to say.
  • The goblins are lead by someone called "Lady", a witch who "makes crystals shine".
  • The blocked passageway leads to the other passage in the first chamber.
  • There are between 6 and 10 goblins behind the door.

While the goblin is being questioned a small group of fell taints cross into this plane and attack. They are swiftly eliminated.

Fell Taints (Normal)
3x Fell Taint Lasher 300 XP
1x Fell Taint Pulsar 100 XP
1x Fell Taint Thought Eater 125 XP
Total (each) 105 XP

Party Level: 2nd (1020/2250 XP)

After trying to use the password from the captured, Altraminus picks the lock and the party forces the door open and finally defeats the dwarf.

Dwarf (Easy)
1x Dwarf Bolter 175 XP
1x Goblin Warrior 300 XP
Total (each) 55 XP

The copper wire continues down the passageway past three doors to small rooms. The first two rooms contain various boxes and barrels of supplies. The third room is a heavily scorched workshop with sturdy human-sized workbench and chair. On the workbench is a brightly glowing red crystal and a singed book with experimental notes: "Crystal still unstable.", "Remains powered for 5 minutes.", and "Do NOT drop."

Altraminus scouts ahead, creeping silently to the entrance to a large chamber dominated by a large 2 metre high crystal. The copper wire from the alarm crystal are connected to the crystal. The chamber is occupied by a human woman with a scorched staff and several goblins.

After Altraminus has sneaked back to the others and reported, a group of goblins is heard approaches and the party ambushes and quickly defeats them.

Returning Goblin Scouts (Easy; tp 9)
1x Goblin Skullcleaver 150 XP
1x Goblin Sniper 125 XP
1x Spiretop Drake 100 XP
1x Grey Ooze 125 XP
Total (each) 100 XP
  • 1 potion of healing
  • Purse containing 40 gp
  • 6 flasks of grey ooze fluids (minor action to throw,
    -2 penalty to fortitude (save ends) to creature in the square)

The party them assault the main chamber first throwing in the red crystal which explodes in a fireball. The witch does not last long but the goblins and a wandering dimensional marauder put up quite a fight.

The "Lady" and her Guards (Hard; tp 2, 3 & 6)
1x The "Lady" (Human wizard, level 5) 200 XP
3x Goblin Skullcleaver 450 XP
1x Goblin Sharpshooter 125 XP
4x Goblin Warrior 400 XP
1x Dimensional Marauder 175 XP
Total (each) 270 XP
  • Staff of Fiery Might +1
  • Ironskin Belt
  • 2x crystals with a faint red glow
  • Purse containing 60 gp

The goblins defeated, the party return to Krupka and sell the 5 crystals to an eager Ruldem Murry for 900 gp. They also collect a reward on behalf of the town council of 400 gp (and 100 quest XP).

As the party are browsing the stalls at the market square a curious creature flutters towards them. The small, bird like creature is made entirely from assorted pieces of fabric, carefully sown together. The creature drops a note which reads: "I would speak with you as soon as is convinient. (signed) M."

The party follows the bird to Miranda's tower. Miranda exchanges the witch's notebook for a magical bow and a magic suit of armor.

The adventure continues in Shadows and Steel.

Party Level: 2nd (1545/2250 XP)