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Character Discussion

What character classes are people considering? The discussion on Tuesday night seemed to end up with 3 fighters and whatever I chose to be.
I've said it before, but in my opinion although they are good to soak attacks, fighters are the least important part of an adventuring party's balance.
Fighters dominate combat (at low-mid levels) with high HP and good attack stats, but other dump stats can be ignored through roleplaying them away a lot of the time giving fighters the best of both worlds. Craig

Well my initial choice of Swashbuckler on Tuesday was driven by wanting a bit more mobility and variation in combat than Adrin had (not difficult I hear you cry). I had been looking at the Beguiler myself as an interesting variation on the rogue as it uses magic without requiring me to go through the wrenching spell choice process I had with Belros, whom I didn't really like anyway.
The problem with character choice is that we've got the four classic roles and four people which means that someone usually ends up filling a gap. Bert
I appreciate that obviously someone will end up with a second or third choice, but listing a few options (as both you and I have below) at least allows the team to work out a more balanced party without anyone feeling like they ended up with a class that's a total compromise for them. I also don't mean that we have to have the classic roles, two characters can partially cover a role together with alternative selections (e.g. a bard and a paladin can cover the role of a healer together). Craig
I only see a problem with filling a gap if people play a character they don't love. As a rule I'm happy to play what's needed, as long as it's my choice.Hannele
I'd like to play some kind of fighter, because I've never really been in the front row. Delphine 21:47, 25 January 2009 (UTC)


  • Craig - Cleric, Druid (phb2 fast healing variant), Beguiler, Rogue, Bard - Depending on other party class choices.
  • Bert - Beguiler, Druid, Paladin. I've not played any of these, but preference would be in this order.
  • Delphine - Fighter, Battle Sorcerer - I am happy to play any of these two, no preferred order, then thug
  • Hannele - Paladin, Rogue. Don't mind too much what, but my stats were not too good, which would make playing a rogue that bit more difficult, especially at level 1.
Hannele - they're significantly better than Huerney's. Craig
We can't all have Huerney's rolls ;-) Hannele

Didn't see that Bert wants to play a thiefy character, so I'll be happy to play a sorcerer, which gives Delphine a chance to have a go at a tank (looking into battle sorcerer as I type). Hannele

  • Well, I would like to play a battle sorcerer, actually ;-), if Dave agrees, of course. How about a PAladin who's lost faith, or something like that? That could be interesting ;-) Delphine 13:09, 27 January 2009 (UTC)
I'll go for a Paladin of Freedom, then. Hannele

DM's comments

I'm removing the rules for cross-class skills. All classes can take any skill as a class skill (i.e., 1 rank per skill point up to character level + 3). This may make some multi-class combinations more useful/interesting.

  • What's the fast healing variant of the druid? I don't have the PHB2.
Instead of instantaneous summon nature's ally, you can instead instantaneously use a spell to give everyone within 30 feet fast healing for 3 rounds. The amount of healing is equal to the level of the spell lost. Craig
  • Thug gains 2 skill points per-level and only loses 1 feat.
  • I'll only allow the paladin if either a) it's a paladin of freedom, or b) you do not complain every time someone else wants to do something less than lawful. e.g., if your paladin character refuses to break into the crooked merchant's office to gather some intel I will frown a lot.
Even my lawful good paladin didn't nag about breaking and entering, so it can be done. Hannele

Consider everyone's preferred choice we have:

  • Craig - Cleric (healer, back-up fighter)
  • Bert - Beguiler (thiefy stuff, weak arcane caster)
  • Delphine - Fighter (perhaps with some cross-class skills taken as class skills). (fighter, duh)
  • Hannele - Paladin (fighter, minor healing)

The only thing this selection lacks is the big DPS from a good arcane spell caster.

Clerics and paladins will need to a) invent a god or goddess, or b) be atheist.

OK, what would you think of a battle sorcerer then? I'm thinking it can be good (and fun) Delphine 11:57, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
A good compromise on your part, provided that you are happy. From the edit history this doesn't seem to be the case. Craig

Analysis of past characters

I appreciate that some people like to play certain types of characters, but I think that we should mix things up a bit. It seems to me looking back that there's little variation in the general party role for some players, meaning perhaps that others have to end up filling roles that seem necessary to fill skills gaps in the team. This is especially important when there are only 4 players (and one DM).

Here's a list of past characters from long-term campaigns - make of it what you will, and feel free to correct anything:
I may have got something wrong, but I count *nine* out of 17 characters are some form of fighter below. That figure becomes 8 out of 11 when you count characters started from level 1.
I'm not saying any of this because I want to play a fighter type, I am saying this because I want to play in a balanced party that has some mix for people to explore new ways of roleplaying. Craig


Darren's game: N/A
Dave's 1st game: Huerney - Bard (1-11); Savaric - Paladin of Freedom (10-11)
Craig' game: N/A
Dave's second game: Dan - Wizard (1-12)


Darren's game: Cayle - Rogue (?3-?)
Dave's 1st game: Nerin - Fighter (1-10); Belros - Wizard (?9-?11)
Craig's game: Berrawyn - Ranger (1-?)
Dave's second game: Adrin - Barbarian/Fighter (1-12)


Darren's game: Ironbeard - Fighter (1-10)
Dave's 1st game: Elvebriniel - Monk (1-7); Hollyella - Wizard/Rogue (1-11); Eiltranna - Rogue/Cleric (11-11)
Craig's game: Finduilas - Fighter/Paladin (1-7)
Dave's second game: Aliatra - Fighter/Cleric (1-12)


Darren's game: N/A
Dave's 1st game: Ayhlanne - Ranger (1-11)
Craig's game: Farkenella - Rogue (1-?)
Dave's second game: Lia - Druid (1-?6); Oona - Rogue (6-11)