Ayhlanne Selveneye

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Ayhlanne Selveneye
Sex: Female
Race: Half-elf
Class: Ranger

Dark green eyes, almost black.

Born of an elf mother and a human father. Her father was a bard who settled upon meeting her mother. They had three daughters, Ayhlanne is the eldest and is 27. She is pretty close to both her sisters, and gets along better with the youngest one. Although the three sisters do take after both their parents, Ayhlanne is probably the one that is the best compromise between her parents. She takes after her father for her taste for adventure, and her love of songs and words, and after her mother for a strong bond to nature and the wild. A compromise that naturally led her to turn towards a ranger's life.

Extremely tall for a half-elf, she's 6'00. She definitely takes after her father for build and probably inherited a streak of human present in her mother's family, who was very tall herself for an elf. She's not very pretty, but not ugly. Just plain, with somewhat of a masculine look, although she knows how to use her eyes and smile in a very feminine way.

Ayhlanne has a very strong sense of family. She visits her parents and sisters, quite often, and enjoys their company. She has been raised at the edge of both the elf and human world and feels at ease in both. Curious, she has the good and bad sides of curiosity. She likes to learn new things and master them, but also likes to pry and know everything that is going on. Honest and forward, she generally is outspoken, often too straightforward for her own good. She does not lie, and hates being led to do so.She has many friends, of many different origins. She likes to sing and tell stories. She has quite an absurd sense of humour. Easily offended, she is also prompt to forgive. She is unpredictable, reliable. Unlike most half-elves, she masters the elven language, and makes a point in so doing. Having lived all her life near the woods, she also picked up Sylvan, which she speaks very well. From her various originated friends, she understands quite a few of the languages around. Enough at least not to die of thirst or hunger.

She's left-handed.

Ayhlanne is not a leader, but she is independent. She likes to do things on her own, and gives her trust easily, when she feels the people she's faced with are trustworthy and competent.

She was trained as a ranger by Uneramond, a human ranger who not only taught her the skills for her class, but has also become one of her best friends. She probably was a bit in love with him, and that is the reason why she decided to leave him to go and adventure her way around the world. Master and student just could not, at least in her view of things then, get together. She misses him greatly though, and sometimes longs to go back to him. She left without notice, and has had no news of him ever since.