Opals and Scales

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Sleeping Miners (Easy)
2x Miners (Human Guard) 300 XP
1x Fierce Dog (Wolf) 125 XP
Total (each) 85 XP

After intimating the miners, the party was lead to Goroth the mine foreman (100 XP each).

Skeleton and Rats (Easy)
1x Skeleton 150 XP
3x Dire Rat 300 XP
Total (each) 90 XP

After much effort and careful positioning of planks a suit of chainmail +2 is recovered (100 XP).

Myconid Guard (Easy)
1x Myconid Guard 175 XP
Total (each) 35 XP
Myconid Patrol (Normal)
2x Myconid Guard 350 XP
1x Myconid Rotpriest 150 XP
Total (each) 100 XP

The explosion flooded the myconid lair, killing them all (150 XP each). The miners inspecting the damage recovered an amulet of health and 450 gp which they gave as a reward to the party.

Saltmarsh Ambush (Normal)
1x Bullywug Mudlord 150 XP
2x Bullywug Twitcher 250 XP
1x Visejaw Crocodile 175 XP
1x Marsh Choker (Cavern Choker) 175 XP
Total (each) 150 XP
Smuggers (Normal)
1x Human Mage 175 XP
1x Human Berserker 175 XP
2x Human Bandit 250 XP
Total (each) 120 XP

Recovered dragon scale 150 XP

Party Level: 4th (3755/5500 XP)