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Arrow of True Flight

An arrow +2.

When fired this arrow of elven craftmanship homes unerringly on even the most evasive of targets. The construction of the arrow means that should it hit it can be retreived and reused. Unfortunatly the eleven wizards who craft these items have yet to determine why some of them occasionally turn into Arrows of False Flight.


The arrow hits, regardless of the AC of the target, on an attack roll of 2 or more.

Enhanced critical

The critical threat range of this arrow is 2-20/x2 and overrides any that the bow has or any feats the archer has.

Magic inversion

On an attack roll of 1 the arrow's magic inverts, turning the arrow into an Arrow of False Flight which always misses. An Arrow of False Flight will never turn back into an Arrow of True Flight and is therefore useless.

Sword of Grief

A cursed greatsword +3.

This deep-black blade was once the blade used by the undead skeletal King Nephitin (and presumably used by the King during his life). Unholy magics have trapped broken fragments of tormented souls who can be heard quietly weeping and crying by the wielder.


During every combat round when the wielder is threated, they must make a Will saving throw (DC18) or turn the blade on themselves causing 2d6+3 damage. They may take no other action that round.

Overwhelming grief

Living, intelligent creatures struck by the blade must make a Will saving throw (DC18) or be overcome with a overwhelming sense of grief. This has the same effects as the Doom spell (-2 penalty to attack, abilty, skill and saving throw rolls) and lasts for 1d4 rounds. If a creature is struct multiple times the penalty does not stack but the duration is extended.

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