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Resurrection and Rerolling

Since this is a high paced campaign with no turning back, there is little to no chance to get a character resurrected and there will be no possibility to introduce a new character to replace someone that has died. Therefore each player will be awarded 3 fate points, either 1 of those may be spent to avert a situation that would harm a character, and if your character dies you need 2 fate points for a True Resurrect.

If you want to use magical effects on items that don't normally carry them (replacing a belt with gauntlets, for example), that's fine. You don't need to worry about the cost increase either, unless the item you create is totally unlogical (like Boots of Minute Seeing).

Discussions in game and in whisper

As we discussed earlier, there will not be any discussion of rules in game, if you have questions about them ask Bee in private. His decision will stand, but he might ask my opinion.

Short and simple questions will still be allowed. So for example: it's quite alright to ask "Can I sneak attack here?", but not "What does Whirlwind do exactly?" in game.

If you want to talk to me in private, remember that I will be preoccupied (especially during fights) and that I might not see your whispers immediately. I will still be using the tabe so I can read the whole conversation, because otherwise it would be too confusing for me to keep track of all of your questions/remarks. So please ask me in an ooc if you can have a word in private (and ask it again if I don't answer, just in case I didn't see it).


I love David's suggestion of describing all of our actions in more detail, so I really want to do that.

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