City of Coin/Under Forest

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Day 10 - 16

The party prepares for the expedition, purchasing supplies and crafting magical equipment.

Day 17

The expedition begins.

The party drops by Mickey and (of course) gain access through Under Town.

They also visit the King Rat were they negotiate a rate of 100 gp per head of any monster that may be a threat to the King Rat domain or people, and he agrees to visit from a a research team from the university.

Esmer and co travel deeper underground reaching a vast underground chamber lit from above by phosporescent fungus. Lush greenery, ferns and cycades carpet the cavern floor. Water drips constantly from the ceiling like rain.

A faint path, with the occasional cut paving slabs is found and the party ventures into the sunterrainean jungle. They are ambushed by two lion-like felines which are soon slain, even though they tried to flee. Esmer spends some time making notes on a ruined building.

A bit further on the path continues into a tunnel. An amphisbaena incubating a clutch of eggs blocks the way. The two-headed snake creature is driven off by a a deluge of water and the illusion of falling rocks.

The next cavern is split in two by a fast flowing river 50 ft wide that used to be spanned by a stone bridge. All that remains of the bridge is the three stone piers.

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