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Previous Meetups
Meeting at Del's June 2018
Meeting at Craig's Sept 2017
Meeting at Henry's June 2016
Meeting at Del's Sept 2015
Meeting at Craig's June 2014
Meeting at Henry's May 2012
Meeting at Craig's March 2011
Meeting at Craig's May 2010
Meeting at Craig's March 2008




17th - 20th of May (poll)


Henry: arriving/departing by train, to be booked later (it's hard to book more than 3 months in advance).


BE475 arr 10.55 on Friday 17th

BE482 dep 15.30 on Monday 20th


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Planned Activities

Friday Game

Craig - 'We Be Goblins Too'

The consensus was that this was lighthearted fun. I'll gladly run the next adventure.

We Be Goblins Too!® page.


Character Player Race Class Notes
Reta  ? Goblin Fighter xx
Chuffy  ? Goblin Rogue xx
Poog  ? Goblin Cleric xx
Mogmurch  ? Goblin Alchemist xx
Magda Lickturtle  ? Goblin Witch xx

Saturday Game:

Andy - Mutants and Masterminds


Player Character Origin Archetype Notes
Bert  ?  ?  ? xx
Delphine  ?  ?  ? xx
David  ?  ?  ? xx
Craig Watercolour Endowed Energy Controller Powered by tattoos made with inks from his Island Village.
Henry Lachesis Mutant Advanced Mind Sees future/past images in mirrors and glass.


See how things go - more M&M or maybe some PathFinder??

Henry I'm willing to run a game if needed; I'll have the books with me so we can decide on the day.


As usual we've got plenty of room and various bed options.